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A Door of Hope

Christian Foster Care

The Goal

Raise $75,000 between October
and the end of the year.

It was almost the end of the year and A Door of Hope needed $75,000 to start the next year off well. Normally they did an “ask” during this time of year, but they had recently seen a decline in financial support. When they asked us as Paper Jacket what we should do, we thought of a simple campaign that would generate genuine care about A Door of Hope and prodive clear direction of how to help. 


• Time was limited.

• There was recently a fall in their following.

• Most do not realize the need for financial support.

The Take-Away

With the recent fall in financial support, we knew we had to jump start this campaign with a new twist. We wanted to generate something that hadn’t been generated before by A Door of Hope so that the feelin came across fresh to the current followers we still had. We needed people to care and act.

So we dug into what would cause engagement.

This was one of the simplist campaigns we have ever done, and we believe there is a lot to say about it. Keeping it simple and straight to the point helped communicate what the need was, how we can get there, and how someone can get involved to meet the need. 

The process was simple. Through the branding we identified the goal, then we positioned the need as what our community is fighting. From there, we positioned the donor as the hero of the story by providing a home through their financial gifts. 

Our Answer

Branding + Video Production + Website = Over $100k in donations!


The name of the campaign was probably the biggest hidden element. We called it “60 More Homes.” The name gave a clear direction of where A Door of Hope wanted to take the agency in the next year. It showed that A Door of Hope needs funds to grow. 

Our next step was to show the need to grow.


The hardest part about sharing stories involving foster care is that we are unable to show an actual foster child. Due to this, we needed a story that would capture what a child goes through whenever they go into a foster home that is licensed by A Door of Hope. 

We walked through the inner struggle of a child, and then presented the outcome of a Christian home that A Door of Hope provides through their foster families. The hero of the story was the ones who made this home possible by either becoming a foster home themselves or helping to financially sponsor a home. Instead of providing A Door of Hope’s perspective, we chose the story of a child. 

Campaign Video

This was the video that led the campaign. The largest accomplishment was showing it at a few churches that generated a fantastic response. 

Behind the Scenes


This was the concept video we first provided for the A Door of Hope. They fell in love with it, so we stuck to the original script very closely. 


The website was in addition to the current website. instead of directing people straight to the A Door of Hope website, we directed them to a domain and website that fit the brand of the campaign. We called it “60 More Homes.” 

The website walked through the campaign and gave a call-to-action. We wanted people to give financially, but also share with it with others. The call-to-action was called “Give $5, ask 5.” The website directed the donor to give, then share through Facebook, Twitter or email. 

The results ended up being that some would just give, some would do both, and some would just share. We considered any of these to be a win, and most times, one of those items always happened rather than nothing.


a.k.a Spreading The Word
Campaign Kits

Orphan Sunday was the largest debut for this video and the campaign. Churches around the area were contacted and asked to highlight Orphan Sunday in November by presenting the video and the printed post cards. 

Social Media

After posting the video on social media, we also asked every donor to invite 5 of their friends or family to also donate and ask 5 others. This generated the organic reach we needed due to not having a budget for advertising. 

Printed Media

4×6 cards were designed and printed around the campaign and gave clear direction of what to do. It gives three easy steps and was titled “Give $5, ask 5.” 

The Results

We received over $100,000 in donations by the end of the year. 

This campaign became A Door of Hope’s most profitable campaign to date, despite the recent reduction of followers and fianncial support. It paved the way for further development of their brand, more social interaction and easier access to donations throughout the rest of the next year.

Roll Call…
What We Provided

/ Website Design
/ Graphics
/ Branding
/ Copywriting


/ Positioning
/ Social campaign
/ Facebook management
/ Email Marketing


/ Storyboarding
/ Video Production


/ Consultation

The Bottom Line…

A Door of Hope was not targeted as the hero of the story in this campaign. if anything, they were just the brand making the announcement. The story was developed to create a deep care for the need of more homes and a direct action on how to make it happen.

This campaign also strategized an organic sharing opportunity for all who got involved.

Positioning the brand and story with a clear call-to-action is often the strongest marketing technique you can do these days.


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