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I Hate SEO and You Should Too (Part 2)

To out-rank Yelp or Thumbtack is just not in your budget. That doesn’t mean you don’t try and at least slowly invest! But there is a better way to approach it to help you get business and brand awareness quicker.

I Hate SEO and You Should Too (Part 1)

I hate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you should too. It’s a stupid concept that was first built off of (almost) cheating the system by creatively thinking of as many keywords as possible. Then it morphed into this idea that you had to be legit and even more creative in your approach to your content. NOW it’s getting even MORE complex because it wants to rank you based on how others engage with your content and website, forcing you to be MORE creative in your approach. Stupid free internet.

Local Listings Suck

In 2013, I tried editing local listings for the first time. I was working for a medium-sized business that had recently changed their name and branding about a year ago before and had hardly done any marketing. I worked there full time but spent about a week editing local listings and trying to take care of editing their previous information across the internet. I look back at that and realize how much of a nightmare that was. Recently I tried editing local listings again for experimental purposes. You know what I learned? It’s only gotten worse.

Stop Being Boring

Stop Being Boring! – If you’re not generating results, it could be because your content sucks.   This title presents this blog post as much more harsh than it truly is. This is not a post to bash you, but rather make you consider a few items to your content …

Using Facebook As Your Website

Here’s a thought: Instead of building a website, make your Facebook Page your website. I know that sounds strange, and even a little bit foolish, for me to say that while we offer website services. Hear me out, though. I’m not telling you that websites are pointless now and I’m also not telling you that Facebook has all of the benefits of a website. But I can confidently say that if you are on a lower budget and cannot afford a good website, then why not use Facebook?

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